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Gibraltar Steel Corporation

Temp-Vent products are available exclusively through Pest Management operators.

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Automatic Foundation Vents
Automatic Foundation Vents take the worry out of remembering to open and close vents as the weather changes. The vent has a bi-metal coil to open and close automatically without electricity. When the temperature reaches 70°F the vent is fully opened to provide fresh air, and fully closes at approximately 40°F to conserve energy and protect pipes.

These vents are easily installed using screws, or screw anchors and retaining clips. Both are included with the vents. No mortar is required for installation.

Series 6
Series 5 with oversize frame
Temp Vent Automatic Foundation Vents feature:
A heavy duty coil for dependable operation
8"x16" to fit into a standard block opening
A net free area of 50 square inches
The back of the vent is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance

The Series 6 vents are one piece, while the Series 5 vents have a removable front frame (in addition to the removable back) that can be snapped on after installation. Series 5 is also available with a 2 inch oversized frame.

Automatic Vents
Description Model Colors
Temp Vent Series 6 TV6 black, brown, gray
Temp Vent Series 5 - removable front frame TV5 black, brown, gray
Temp Vent Series 5 with oversized frame TV5-OSF black, brown, gray

Manual Replacement Vent
Manual foundation vents must be manually opened in warmer months to provide ventilation and closed in cold weather to guard against pipe freeze. The Manual Replacement Vent is the same vent as the Temp Vent Automatic Foundation Vent with no automatic coil, therefore it requires manual operation.

Manual Vent
Description Model Colors
Manual Replacement Vent RM black, brown, gray

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